Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 3

Hey everyone!

It is hard to believe that it has been another week! Time is literally just flying by, but i don't mind.  When time slows down, it is time to get back to work!

Lets see...what happened this week? not  whole lot. it was very busy. we put in about 105 hours of work a week. never again will i complain about 40 hour work weeks haha.  Every day pretty much blended into one another this week.  
In all honesty, these first 3 weeks have been the hardest weeks of my life i think...  I hit a new low in emotions, new trials, everything is different. however, my point of view changed rapidly with a few experiences this week.

Wednesday, we had a bit of a scare...we were out late from a members house so it was a bit past 9:30...real bad....and we saw some cops with their lights on around the corner, then we heard a few big bangs, people started leaving the area and there was shouting....we got a little worried.........but turns out there were just some fireworks being shot off haha got ya.  

Thursday, this day was a little rough, Never, never ever take what you have for granted.  i met a young man this week with cerebral palsy, his mom died when he was 10 when they got in a car crash, his dad has colon cancer, his sister has heart cancer, his brother is a drug addict and his grandma has completely lost it in the head and is hostile. they all live in one house with one man taking care of them all, they don't have medicine or money for help.  and all we could offer was peace through Jesus was a little rough....
after that happy number we went to check on one of our investigators named Julian, he was on track for baptism this week...but relapsed with his drugs again.  He was out cold for about 3 the mean while we met with his mom...she doesn't want to take the lessons but needs someone to talk to, as we talked to her she cried and cried, her health is failing, her children are gone in several ways, and she is left to pick up the pieces. We had a bit of a scare as she picked up a knife and expressed her desire to no longer live, we talked her down, read scriptures with her and talked some more....then i asked Elder Martin if we could give her a blessing, we asked and she accepted.  Elder Martin delivered a gorgeous blessing, and she began i weep.  She told us after that she felt a peace come over her during the blessing, she explained more about the Holy Spirit and how it is a comforter in times of need.   We made sure she and the children were safe before we left, her husband got home too just as we were walking out the door, thank goodness.  

all in all, i learned a lot on that day.  Daily i talk about Jesus Christ with complete strangers.  On one day i was really struggling, i asked a man "Quien es Jesucristo para usted?" he answered and then asked me the same question....i then had the opportunity to explain to this man, exactly who Christ is to me....and that really changed my week, changed my mission.  before, i was struggling, i still am, but it is a bit easier now, i finally realized my purpose.  Now i move forward, taking one day at a time. everything is good, i am happy to be serving.  Before this happened i found myself really worried about home, family, friends, lifting haha, running.  i feel super claustrophobic in the mission, i cant go running, it freaks me out. running means a lot to me.  But when that man asked me about Christ, i realized that without Christ, i wouldn't have anything, he is the center of it all, the plan of salvation, life in general.  So it is ok to be out here, not running, not racing, not lifting, missing holidays, because without Christ, without our Heavenly Father, we wouldn't have anything in the first perspective really changed this week. with just one simple question...who is Jesus Christ to you?

This week i had the chance to go on trainer and another trainer were now companions and i was with another trainee haha not a good idea. we were in the new missionary's area so he was in charge, the plus side is he is from Mexico city and speaks Spanish haha, but wow it was a rough day, 3 lessons in 9 hours! we walked for 5.5 hours hahah because he had no clue where we were!

Also, we have a new investigator, he is so great, he is working on a civic and building it for his buddy to race...guess who is kinda helping! yes. service. there is more to come with this man, luis alberto, incredible guy, gang member, drug addict, saved by Christ, that is how he described himself to me the other night, i will let you know more about him next week.

yes it is hot. what do i wear to stay cool? long pants, short sleeve shirt, tie...and a smile haha. man it is hot down here. but it is only going to get hotter!

My birthday was so fantastic, meetings, church, home made pizza, home made cake! gotta love these members! and then more meetings.  The last meeting was with other missionaries and ward leaders, it was a lot of fun, i love meeting with the other missionaries in our zone! I gave the opening prayer in the meeting, kinda scary, but hey, more time practicing Spanish haha.

i think that is basically it....random facts of the week....our bus drove right into on coming traffic, a lady told me I look like baby Jesus...i will take that as a compliment!...teaching your companion English is a blast haha.  uhh yeah, the church is still true, no matter where you go.  We constantly have an amigo, our savior Jesus Christ, i can testify that whenever you feel alone, you can turn to your right and he is there, i know that because this week i had to turn for help and he was there. and always will be.

i love you all! thank you for the birthday wishes!!!!

Paz haha
Elder Westbroek 

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