Monday, June 9, 2014

Last Week of Training

Que tal le va!?

Hey everyone! I hope all is well!

This week has a little rough, Its getting hotter so everyone is hiding inside plus, they do easter down here a little different. its a week of partying and vacations.  so all week during the semana santa We looked and knocked and hardly found anyone haha.  

Mom you wanted to know more about praying for is exactly that. Here in Mexicali, everyone plays their music at full blast at all hours of the day, everyone has 1 or 10 dogs, their are always fights and whatnot so its always loud.  So i actually pray for silence a lot...especially during lessons.  the spirit is so soft and subtle its hard to listen to when there is so much disturbance, for the investigators.  But when we ask in faith and act, we receive :) i can testify of that!

Dad great job on the award! that is so sick! 2.5 million! atta boy! hey did you get your 17000 dollars back yet? ha.  The letter is on its way, the bishop thing was a little bit more exciting that an argument.   Uh the area i live in is desert. not a lot of trees or anything. sand and sage brush.  I have some very sketchy areas, in one area where we have a lot of success, Condor is like the Projects...a year ago you couldn't even walk in without getting jumped, says one of our neighbors. if you watch the abandoned buildings and people you see some pretty wild stuff!  I haven't seen much of Mexicali, just my little area haha.  transfers are next week! kinda a lot excited, i will stay here and elder martin will leave.  but i do believe i will be here in Mexicali for awhile ha. yes in the heat! man its hot. 

The young man on the bus was doing so well, went to the activities and to the church with us! but his grandma and mom started saying some really horrible things about us...and he is super shy so he doesn't want to stand up to his mom....he was almost in tears the other night, he gave me a hug... i said "Alejandro, i know these things will help you", he said "these things are true huh?" i said "yes, and they will help you so much in your life."  he has a lot of issues with his family, he doesn't know his real dad, and i don't think he has a good relationship with his step dad either...we are trying to help this kid. man he is so ready to receive this gospel in his life.  The other little family came to church with us :) but then went out of town...we are trying to find them again. 

we have a baptism this week tho! i am so excited! Armando! this man is so ready! i will send pics maybe next week or whenever i get my package haha.  

sorry I'm out of time! i will write more next week i promise!
 love you all so much! the church is true!!!!!

Elder Westbroek

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