Monday, June 9, 2014

Pray with Faith. Then Act.

My Family and Friends!

How is everyone?? I miss you all!

This week has been a roller coaster for sure!

Tuesday, we had a zone conference where we learned about prayer and praying with faith, and learned how to apply these teaching into our lessons. It was a game changer.  Elder Martin and I got called out though....on putting up the best numbers in the Zone! We were called the most powerful companionship in our zone.  I didn't let it go to my head, but man it felt good haha.  Yes, numbers. But for Elder Martin and I, they are people, with families. And that is what we have been working on. families.  And it is really working.

Later in the week we had a very cool experience.  One of our investigators, Alejandro, who was baptized this week!, had a very large doubt about the prophet, Thomas S Monson. Since i have been to general conference, i take the lead on testifying of the prophet most of the time. But something different happened this i spoke the words were different, there was a different feeling in the room.  I told Alejandro that I know for a fact, with my whole heart that President Thomas S Monson speaks with God face to face...and immediately after, there was a boom. In each of our hearts.  It literally was like something punched our hearts.  It was very quite after, then Alejandro's brother in law asked him...did you feel that? yes he said.  That my friends, is the power of the holy spirit testifying of the truth.  That is a little miracle that was the game changer.  Also, the answer the his very specific prayer.  

Also, the mother of Julian, who also was baptized this week!, Julian, not his mom. not yet.  Anyways, Vicky is her name, has lost 5 family members to drugs in the last 2 years. she is depressed, and has many other problems.  We have visited with her each time we met with Julian.  We had little success. We talked about the spirit and the power of prayer. Elder Martin and i told her that if she prayed with faith and about something specific, she would receive the answer needed through a person or a dream.  She had a dream...her son who passed away came to her, dressed in all white, and told her to be calm, that is well. She described everything so vividly.  it was quite the experience.

Baptisms! yes, Fridays are great days! after a lot of hard work, studying, lots of prayer...Alejandro and Julian were baptized. it was such a great experience. Julian has a son who is almost 8, he really wants to be baptized like his dad.  I had the opportunity to baptize Julian and Elder Martin Baptized Alejandro.  Such a great day.  

Sunday night...finally, after Saturday which was a very very bad day, I had a good experience.  We taught a little family who is less active.  We taught their son and his girlfriend. they have a little family but are not married.  For some reason i was immediately attached to this family.  The lesson lasted about an hour and a half on accident. they had a lot of questions.  And, for an hour and a half, i had the words in my mouth to answer the questions.  I poured my heart out to these people and taught about the Restoration.  It was incredible.  Usually during lessons they speak to my companion and i just tag along, but i was able to be active and talk a lot during the lesson.  They asked me questions directly and really wanted to know my thoughts.  And by some miracle, i was able to understand every word, and teach by the spirit and help them see the importance of the Restoration, and matrimonio.  What a great night.  

That is basically it, a fantastic week.  A roller coaster ride for sure, but it was great.  Every day i have a little notebook where i write Spanish words i want and need to learn.  Each day i pray to receive help with the language. This week, i saw a dramatic increase in my Spanish capabilities.  I know for a fact, when we pray specifically, with faith, and then through our actions, we reflect the desires of our hear, our Heavenly Father will bless us for our efforts and provide a way for us all to accomplish the trial we are currently enduring.  This is an invitation, pray with faith. then act.  Experiment upon the word of God and see the miracles unfold.
remember...revelation can come like a light switch or like the sun as it rises slowly and illuminates the world.  You will receive person revelation if you ask God for it. be specific. then act.
I love you all, take care of yourselves.  Thank you for your love and prayers.

Elder Westbroek

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