Monday, June 9, 2014

I am Alive!

Hey everyone!

Sorry i didn't write yesterday, i was in Tijuana for my visa and didn't return until late last night around 6:30, then we had plans with investigators, so i decided i wanted to visit them instead of write haha sorry. 

Wow, i cant believe it has been another week.  It really all is just flying right on by!  This week was filled with more work, meetings, lessons, great experiences, a trip to TJ and more.  But this week was different...what was so different? i actually enjoyed the work.  I taught people, and followed the spirit to do so.  Things are finally starting to click. I am starting to, ever so slowly, memorize the conjugations, and get more words in my vocabulary.  This week as part of the training, Elder Martin started to hand over the lessons. Every other lesson one of us is in charge, we control the flow of the principles and choose when to move to the next.  It is actually really hard haha but i finally started to figure it out...kind of.  It has been incredible to watch the Holy Spirit work in our lessons with the investigators, we really dint do the teaching, it is entirely what the Spirit prompts us to say and do and go.  

This week we really worked on finding. Finding those who are ready to receive the restored gospel.  I truly believe that god places people in our lives for a reason.  i also believe god will place people in your life when YOU are ready.  This also goes the other way around.  When someone else is ready, you will be placed in THEIR life.  This week as we prayed to find people to teach, and then acted and talked with people, viewed all as our brothers and sisters, people who were prepared to receive the gospel began popping up in our path.  People who would stop us to ask questions, people who wanted to come with us to visit investigators, people who had questions about the apostasy and so on....It was so cool. 

In order for a change to occur we first need a change of heart.  We find this in the story of Alma the younger, along with the many others.  But this change of heart is key.  Change is inevitable, good change, bad change. We fight it, and it still happens.  But there is a change we can control, unless god wants and needs us to change.  People choose to reject us here on a daily basis, we get doors slammed in our faces, i get bashed and sworn at... So when god sees us ready, or another person ready, he gives them experiences, to help them progress, soften their hearts. Then the people, we, have the opportunity to learn and grow, soften our hearts, or harden our hearts and not progress.  When we allow our hearts to be softened by our own personal experiences, we allow a very good change to occur.  

This week i allowed a bit of change in me to happen.  I stopped fighting God.  I realized that God can do more for me than i can for Him.  I testify that when we do the will of God, we are truly free.  When we do the will of God, we are truly free.  This week, i put my trust in Him, and went to work.  I taught, i studied, i struggled, but not once did i lose the faith that my Father in Heaven is there.  And i saw a great change occur in my attitude, my Spanish, my teaching skills and more.  That is because God has more power than i could ever have. obviously.  Trust in your Heavenly Father, trust in the Lord Jesus Christ...experiment upon the word of God...and see what mighty miracles occur in your life.  I testify that you all will see a great change, an answer, receive a change of heart, fix a problem, change a relationship...anything, when you put your trust in Him.  I know it is true, because i watched it occur right in front of me with the investigators.

I don't have anything out of the ordinary this week, uhhh haha well as normal as you get here in Mexico. 

i gotta run, back to work! i love you all! talk to you soon!!!!!

- Elder Westbroek 

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