Monday, June 9, 2014

Lucky Number 7!

Buenas Tardes,

Alright! Where to begin!?

Mom and dad! you're so close to me! Sounds like San Diego is treating you well! Whale watching sounds like a riot haha.  Nothing better than being on a boat! Let me know what goes down with the trip and the Big O convention. Dad i met a guy last night who thinks he knows you, do you know a Ricardo who works for De Anda Trucking? haha really random.  
Mom i know the feeling about being the only white kid on the block haha. Because i am!  And people let me know it. I am the end of many racist jokes and they all have many nicknames for me.  Haha the other day, a guy yelled to me in English "Hey what are you doing here white kid?" haha i introduced myself and told him about missionaries... he said "man, you can die in the USA, but it is more common here in Mexico! But i respect you for preaching the word my man." We had a conversation for about 20 minutes and it just got better and better every minute.  I really hope we get to teach this man.  
I think those skeletons are for the day of the dead. it is like Halloween, but it is for the family. it is a big party to celebrate your ancestors.  But it isnt for like 6 months or so.  
I might be back to the mission office in a week or 2 weeks for my visa, or in a month for conference? so who really knows.  i didn't get any packages in the conference last week, that was a little weird.  so i guess i will wait haha.  no i didnt buy any shoes, they are all bien bien caro, very very expensive. and i don't want to buy expensive shoes ha. i will keep looking in the streets for cheap nice ones.  i bought 2 cans of vegetables, the produce here isnt the best, we will check a different store next week. I am down 10 pounds....but my pants are getting tight haha you do the math! (don't forward that haha).

The title of this email is lucky number 7...because after a lot of work, prayer, blood, sweat and tears, we got 7 investigators in the church.  It was incredible.  And our bishop after his incident has a whole new outlook on life and his calling and he was just beaming ear to ear and he was so great with every single investigator! (dad i sent my letter to you about my week that was literally insane, so you'll know whats up in a couple weeks or less.) But man, it was an amazing sight.  We walked in with a family of 4, Mom, Dad, 2 young little boys.  This is the man that was beaten in front of his family, that we found one night.  They are one incredibly tough family.  

This week was full of little miracles.  Praying for silence, and the world goes quiet. Praying for words to come to my mind and i get a whole conversation.  Praying that we will find someone new to teach and we find a young man on a bus who is so ready and is literally looking for the truth.  Praying praying praying. And the lord keeps on giving. It is just amazing.  Every week really is a blur, this week i hit 4 months, it is such a short time, that has taken forever, but really has past in the blink of an eye.  Each day i am learning about the church, my life.  I have come to appreciate both very very much.  

I really don't have any complaints this week, the lord has answered all my prayers, and he is taking care of my family.  I have been truly blessed this week and my whole life with everyone who is in it.  The same guy who told me i could die here in Mexicali told me that my dad did a dang good job.  He said that by keeping us in the church we have completely different lives. And i believe that.  We don't see it always, but we have so much to be grateful for because of the teachings of Christ and applying them to our lives.  

Well that is all i can remember about this week, i should start writing it all down huh? Anyways, you all got any questions about Mexicali? i think we hit 100 degrees today. last year they hit about 135, and this summer is supposed to be hotter. yay. 

The church is true! 

Love you all!

Elder Westbroek

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