Monday, June 9, 2014


Muy buenas tardes!

Finalmente! finally! Training is over.  After 3 long, very quick, months with Elder Martin, I am done.  Training has come to a close.  I am very ready to work with other missionaries and learn from them all!  Today at noon i received my next companion.  His name is Elder Hilton, he has about 9 months in the mission, we are co-mayores companions, he is from Maryland, but lived in Utah too.  

This week was stressful to say the least! Number crunching and all.  To start out the week, we had our interviews with President Carreón.  He is such an amazing guy.  He taught me a lot in 15 minutes, including how to fold my suit coat inside out so it wouldn't wrinkle in my backpack, i needed this because it is so hot down here ha.  We talked about patience and Spanish.  He was so great, he called me a miracle haha, my Spanish is starting to come in a little more rapid and I'm picking up a bit of an accent which is very nice.  He gave me a lot of great tips to work on my accent.  Oh, also he says Hello to you all! He asked about all my family and i told him what you are all up to! also, mom and dad, he says you need to go serve a mission ha.  

later in the week, we were on splits, i worked with an elder from Georgia, Elder Lefholz. He was our leader of the district, what an awesome missionary. i learned so much i just a 24 hour period.  

Sorry to say, our baptism fell through...Armando works in a taxi service, 24/ he is so hard to find.  we have checked his house at 8, 9, 11AM and about every hour of the afternoon....and nothing.  We almost saw him the other day, he was pulling away in his taxi as we came around the corner and i took off sprinting, but he got away before i could get to him...crushed me. Literally.  I have started to become so attached to these people now that i can talk to them a lot more....
Oh and with Alejandro, we talked with his step dad and after a very intense 40 minute talk, we got his permission to take him to church...but him mom still says no. so yeah, we will keep working and praying.  so that was little sad.  The little family we were teaching left to go get their visas to move to the USA...part of me doesn't want them to get it so we can baptise them ha, but i want the best for them so i pray each day that they will get their visas.  Its a love hate relationship haha.  

This week, we had a lot of meetings Elder Martin and i went on splits with some of the members, It was so great to finally get to talk a lot in a lesson and direct it as the spirit directed.  We taught a family of 7, less active, this family also includes a boyfriend and girlfriend. only 3 of them were members.  Make sense?  So i was going to teach about the Plan of Salvacion, but then something didn't feel right..I felt like i needed to teach lesson 3, The gospel of Jesus Christ.  It was awesome.  I used 3rd nephi, 27 i believe.  I simply taught as the spirit directed about Faith, repentance, baptism, the holy spirit and enduring to the end.  One of the sisters in the family asked me about the love that god and Christ have for us, how we are judged for every sin but that they still love us...she was very confused about justice and mercy.  As we taught about the holy spirit we used a scripture in Doctrine and covenants that was awesome...i cant remember which one...DyC 124:15? i think. replace hyrum smith with your own name.  As each person in the room read the verse out loud with their own name we felt the spirit very strong.  The girlfriend of my buddy named Eber, is very catholic but has a ton of faith.  As she read, she shivered, she said that she felt something go through her as she read. That my friends is the holy spirit.  She knew for a fact that the message we shared that night was true. but said no to a baptismal date. I will teach the family again this Sunday. i will keep you updated!

The church is true. I love you all! 

Gotta run!

Elder Westbroek

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