Sunday, December 7, 2014

Oh Lord my God, I am yet strong, Give me this mountain

This week was a bit rough. We taught well, we worked well, but sometimes the puts don't sink, the baskets don't swoosh and the ball just doesn't hit the back of the net.  

I am happy to know that i used my agency to do what was required and it was the agency of the investigators to not comply. Our family of 5 with the drug problems left to that made me real upset and sad.  2 of our golden investigators have chosen some real rough roads this week and are in danger of not coming back, and the rest just straight up didn't go to church.  

But like i said, the puts don't always sink, the baskets don't always swoosh and the ball doesn't always hit the back of the net.  we hit the crossbar several times this week haha.  Man i miss soccer. 

Alrighty, cool uplifting experiences of the week!  first, giving priesthood blessings. I LOVE WHEN PEOPLE ASK FOR BLESSINGS! We had three investigators ask for blessings at the same time and wow did the spirit make itself known unto us.  As i gave the blessing for the first woman i was strongly guided to say some things and bless her.  Twice i tried to resist the prompting and not say what i was told due to the boldness and the changes in her life style that are required to be baptized. But, as i resisted, the spirit prompted again a little stronger, so i obeyed and promised this woman that in some future she would be baptized and come to know the fullness of the gospel through obedience and drastic life style i spoke her partner was present but the spirit of contention was not.  incredible. Also, as my comp blessed the sweet hermana Concepcion, she told us that she felt her head super super hot as we blessed her and that she had felt such an incredibly strong, sweet spirit come upon her.  As i gave the last blessing, once again i was guided to say some very specific phrases and words according to what the spirit told me. i talked about faith and action and that NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT. it was an experience that impacted me greatly, i cannot describe much of it in words. 

After that, a few days later we had a conference for the trainers and the greenies haha. it was a crack up hearing all the trainers talk about their problems and their comps, there are some crazies in the mission right now. As always the assistants and president lifted our spirits and helped us resolve our doubts.  then the next day we had our zone conference and yes i got my packages! thank you so much for all the ties and things! its awesome! and the Christmas tree will be sweet! i almost bought one the other day in the street to make things look a little brighter in our apartment, but this tree is so much better! the conference was long, 5 hours sitting and i just ended up kind of frustrated after. I just have a lot of work to do and need to change a few things up here in Delicias and life i think. Today is the start of a new transfer and i have been blessed with yet another transfer here in Delicias. 5 in total. about 7.5 months in the same area. ha. oh man. 

We eat with the members every day except Mondays, we eat at 2 and then eat dinner at 10 at night. but my body has gotten used to it so i usually just eat breakfast and then eat at 2 and then skip dinner. but the members area all great and help us so much down here! i really have a family down here its awesome! 

P days have changed, due to disobedience and accidents we aren't allowed to do activities with our zone or even our district. so now we wake up at 6 and 30, study at 8 to 10. then we have 8 hours to wash clothes, buy food, write the family and anything else we want, but we always have to ask for permission, and here in TJ there isn't much to do for fun as a missionary. also historical sites and tourist areas are off limits. so we really do nothing. sometimes we play soccer my comp and i. or we got to a shopping center and walk around, sometimes we go get a hamburger at Carl's Jr or we go to Peter Pipers Pizza. that is the most fun haha. the other week i ripped my suit black and bought a new one for real cheap! only 120 dollars.  hope that's ok haha. Mexico is hard on suits! 

as far as packages go, after January first, well you cant send any haha, only for my birthday...boooo. dont send medicine, food or candy. or my president will go to jail for contraband...lame! you can send stuff to Mexico, but it probably wont arrive haha. just not food or anything like that.  

hey i don't have much time, so i will send this and some photos and will write ya all next week again! HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! I LOVE YOU ALL AND WILL GIVE EVEN MORE THANKS THIS THURSDAY. Make sure to give thanks for the Atonement of Christ...without that infinite sacrifice, what would we have? nothing.

Elder Westbroek