About Ben

One minute with Benjamin and you would know why everyone loves him! He is hilarious in every possible way, he is talented and athletic, he is incredibly intelligent and has an amazing ability to speak to people.  He loves soccer, his family, crossfit, his friends, crossfit, loud music, reggae, crossfit, people, and the gospel.  
 Ben has so many talents and gifts that come to him so naturally; a big heart that allows him to see others as they truly are or for who they can be, and the ability and desire to do that which is right based on his conscience and the spirit, and he does not allow others to influence him.  
He has great courage and strength to accomplish every goal he sets for himself.  Those who have watched Ben over the last  few years have learned so much from simply watching him be an example of Christ.  
His road to his mission was much like most young men, filled with trial, error, repentance, and joy.  Ben truly emulates the words spoken in 2 Timothy 4:7- "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith."  He has fought a lot of good fights in his life, and he continues to fight one now as a missionary of the Lord!  He has touched so many lives already with his goodness and it continues on in Mexico.  

Fight with Honor Ben, and Be Tough.

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