Monday, September 8, 2014

Round 1 of 12. Almost K.O.


Well, you will see the title is round 1 of 12. As in boxing or other fighting sports, its done in rounds.  Transfers are done in weeks. But sometimes there are relations between the two.  Lets just say I completed round 1 after almost getting knocked out haha. Man that was rough! To explain with few words...Elder Espino really wasn't that difficult. yeah.  Its great being able to train, but it is hard to train the son of a lawyer...who is Latino haha.  But I'm doing fine! We are getting along better today after another long talk. Communication is the key. 

I don't even know what to say. haha. wow, what a week. So every Thursday after weekly planning we do a companionship inventory, its like when you are in a relationship and you go have a talk to try and fix everything.  Well, with my companion, we have had 4 "companionship inventories" in 7 days.  We have had some very very grown up talks. it was pretty intense.  

ANYWAYS!  Yes I finally got my package! Little delayed, but still so great!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU! The razor is super dope! It reminds me of our vacuum haha.  Dad thanks for the cookies and for my line of authority!  Tell Gma "muchísimas gracias" for the peanut brittle! We ate till we were sick, and still had some left over for the district :) they all loved it!  The package was so great! Sadly, we cant cook due to our living circumstances, but there is a needy family that I will give the food to :) so thanks Merm!!!  

Thank you for all the support I've been receiving! Sorry I don't say more about the investigators. sometimes I really just don't want to let ya in because I really don't want you to worry about me and all that's going on down here! But know I'm doing ok!  Please know I'm a whole different person than who I was 9 months ago. I have had some very sweet, hard, spiritual experiences here that I haven't really told anyone day you will all know, and it will make sense. I know Christ lives and he is taking care of me. At times it really is hard to find time for those we love, and even find time to pray. But through Christ, we can find more time, more life and more love.  Because without Christ, we have nothing.  

Love you all.

Elder Westbroek

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Out with the really old. In with the really new.


What a crazy week it has been! A rough week of work, and helping Elder Espino finish his mission! It got a little rough, but we lived ;)  Now i truly know that God answers prayers and we receive a ton of blessings from obedience!!! So as titled, out with the really old, Elder Espino, and in with the really new, Elder Carranza.  He has about 5 hours in the mission field haha! I am Training! whooo! I feel very blessed that the Lord has trusted in me this great responsibility at this time of my mission.  Elder Carranza is from Ecuador, way down south! He doesn't speak English! YES!!!! Finally! He is 23, and seems like a great kid! i just have to teach him how to really work. haha Already he is telling me how ugly TJ is haah....i just laughed. It may be horribly ugly, but it is home :) and i love it! I am so excited to be training!

I went to a conference today for all the trainers and to receive our new companions, it was great to see my own old trainer, he has lightened up a bit haha.  And talk with other great elders.  We had a lot of time with the President today to talk about all the needs of new missionaries, all that is happening right now in the mission and what he expects of us. But more importantly, what The Lord expects from us and needs from us.  Right now in the mission there have been some....problems. So they are adding many many new rules and ways to do things. So they are upping the work and rules to keep us safe physically and spiritually.  This training is going to be pretty rough as i have heard but i am very excited, after all this, i will be one who gets trained too.  I know i am going to learn so much during this time!  It is pretty great how they choose trainers and pick our trainees. it really is all through revelation. It is so awesome to see how it all works and plays out. As a missionary i have just learned to try and change my perspective from the perspective of a man, to that of God's, a much wider and eternal perspective. From every circumstance i learn something and i apply it or don't apply it.  David Bednar said that the measure of intelligence is the time in between the moment when we learn something and apply it.  I am trying to be more intelligent each and every day.  Wish me luck, and i will have more information on training next week.

3. We had 3 baptisms! i will send pics next week!  We baptized a couple who just got married on Friday and then we baptized them on Saturday! It was so amazing!  Miguel and Edith have a very incredible story.  Miguel is one incredible man, he has had many many trials. not even due to bad choices.  not too long ago, Miguel was at home sleeping while his wife was at work.  Two men entered into his home and started to beat him, he was almost killed because he was beaten with bats and clubs.  They left him unconscious and entered deeper into the house and murdered his 1 year old daughter.  They then took everything that he owned and left.  When we taught the plan of salvation...he just lit up! He changed as a man, changed in every aspect.  Knowing he can see his baby daughter again some day really has just given him so much hope! also, he has Epilepsy..spell he has many difficulties with this and much body pain from the attack.  He and Edith are working on moving to Canada right now to get to safety. the UN has a system that is helping them right now to get them out of Mexico.  I really hope they can make it out soon!  I has blessed to baptize Miguel. What a great guy.  Also, we baptized little Carlos! i wish i could adopt this kid honestly haha.  he is the son of a less active lady, she had been inactive for 8 years,, that me and Elder Watts found one day in the street.

But it really was such a great week to work.  But, unfortunately, all of the baptismal dates have fallen so i have to work trouble hard this week to sweep them all up! Please pray for me and my new comp! I know great things are ahead of us here in Delicias! The Lord is always with us!  I hope all are well and healthy and happy! Blessed are those who keep the commandments of God!  Do your best, and trust in the grace of Christ. I love you all! gotta run!

Elder Westbroek III

ps. Tell Baxter and Pablo that i love them. Tell Pablo to complain to me in an Email sometime. i miss hearing that kid complain haha. 

pss. the temple is absolutely gorgeous!!! good job mom for keeping track of 5000 plus!  what as cool experience. 

psss. dad send me a pic of the back yard!

pssss. I really do miss you all! I have learned so much about the importance of families here!

Que Dios los bendiga ;)

One More Week

Que onda y como le va?

Well, we have finally reached the last week of this transfer! that means...this is my last week with Elder Espino! whooo!  Haha life is good!

Last week was great!  We had the conference with the president of Friday and we learned so much more on how to work with the ward. Uh my health.  I feel pretty good, I am definitely malnourished here. As are everyone.  But i am getting used to it. i will continue with good health after the mission haha. i haven't gotten sick in awhile so that has been good! We live off of cereal and hot dogs here because it is all we can afford and cook here in Tijuana. its kinda of a lot gross and bad, but we have to save our money to travel and work. so basically i live off of 1 meal a day haha. But i am very used to it now. 

Rocio is doing great, she is getting really involved into the relief society now! the president has taken special interest now too because she lives alone and is now inviting Rocio to go out and eat with her and even move in to her home, which is very large. so that would be good! I think she is ok with clothes too.  i think the relief society is going to do something.  

Sounds like The store is cranking things out! that is awesome! who all is still working there???? How are Pablo, turtle, brown and the other boys doing??? man i miss them! haha.  

I cant believe Quinn and Jaxson stopped by! haha that is the greatest news! I'm sure it was so great to just laugh with those guys for awhile! that's something we always did, laugh. haha sounds like they are doing well tho. Quinn sent me some pics of the farm and wow it was gorgeous! And I'm stoked for Jax and Jena, we all knew they would end up together, Quinn and i have known since Jr. High haha.  

Last Saturday, we went to an open house in another city called Tecate. They just opened a new chapped over there and it is gorgeous! it smells like the temple haha.  I was assigned to go contact people outside with my buddies Elder Garcia and Elder McCracken.  From Veracruz Mexico and Burley Idaho.  It was so fun! they had classes set up, food, each group of the church order did something! and there was a regional choir that came too! mostly, It was just great to be with Elder McCracken, i met him my my first week in the mission field haha, we had a lot to catch up on! he is a district leader too in the other part of my zone.  

in the next package, haha please send redvines...not for me. those are gross. but elder Vargas and Elder Penaloza want them. haha thanks!

really not much happened this week, just worked a lot! i am so stoked this week tho, we have 3 baptisms! time is flying right on by and I'm just working for the next transfer haha. love you all! please take care of yourselves, and make good choices ;)

con mucho amor,
Elder Westbroek