Monday, September 8, 2014

Round 1 of 12. Almost K.O.


Well, you will see the title is round 1 of 12. As in boxing or other fighting sports, its done in rounds.  Transfers are done in weeks. But sometimes there are relations between the two.  Lets just say I completed round 1 after almost getting knocked out haha. Man that was rough! To explain with few words...Elder Espino really wasn't that difficult. yeah.  Its great being able to train, but it is hard to train the son of a lawyer...who is Latino haha.  But I'm doing fine! We are getting along better today after another long talk. Communication is the key. 

I don't even know what to say. haha. wow, what a week. So every Thursday after weekly planning we do a companionship inventory, its like when you are in a relationship and you go have a talk to try and fix everything.  Well, with my companion, we have had 4 "companionship inventories" in 7 days.  We have had some very very grown up talks. it was pretty intense.  

ANYWAYS!  Yes I finally got my package! Little delayed, but still so great!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU! The razor is super dope! It reminds me of our vacuum haha.  Dad thanks for the cookies and for my line of authority!  Tell Gma "much√≠simas gracias" for the peanut brittle! We ate till we were sick, and still had some left over for the district :) they all loved it!  The package was so great! Sadly, we cant cook due to our living circumstances, but there is a needy family that I will give the food to :) so thanks Merm!!!  

Thank you for all the support I've been receiving! Sorry I don't say more about the investigators. sometimes I really just don't want to let ya in because I really don't want you to worry about me and all that's going on down here! But know I'm doing ok!  Please know I'm a whole different person than who I was 9 months ago. I have had some very sweet, hard, spiritual experiences here that I haven't really told anyone day you will all know, and it will make sense. I know Christ lives and he is taking care of me. At times it really is hard to find time for those we love, and even find time to pray. But through Christ, we can find more time, more life and more love.  Because without Christ, we have nothing.  

Love you all.

Elder Westbroek

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