Sunday, October 26, 2014

"Car Radio" -21 Pilots

To my dear family:

What is goin on!? :) It was so good to hear from you all this week.  Glad to see you are all working hard and growing personally!

This week was rather quick and awesome.  Its a pleasure working with Elder Huie.  This kid is solid and we are a lot alike!  We work hard and fast and WE DO WORK! haha.  Each week we are supposed to teach 40 lessons do about 50 contacts and baptize every single week. Its intense.  We are doing all we can to hit 40 lessons, but we started to work a lot better with the members this week.  we had 14 lessons with members present. That is a great number.  The lessons were so powerful and spiritual.

Right now we are teaching a 70 year old lady, Concepción Nieblas Piñas. She is a fire cracker haha. so funny!! she is witty and lively!  She was at the doctors a few weeks ago, getting her heart checked, and after a few tests she was given about 1 to 2 days to live.  A member of the church met them at the hospital and offered to do a prayer for her.  After this prayer, they did more exams to verify what was really going on....and they found nothing....she literaly received a miracle...and now we have the huge blessing to get to know and teach this great lady the truth.  She gets so excited when we come haha, she calls us her "Angelitos" and "Mis nietos" haha her little angels and her grandsons.  She also made sewed us some hankerchiffs? do ya spell that?... but it looks so beautiful that i will not use it to wipe my sweat haha.  She will be baptized this 9th of October!

Other investigators are coming along nice and slow...we are working with a few really hard situations...that i would love to tell you about, but i feel like i shouldnt.  I really hope and pray each day that these people will be able to trust in Christ enough to change their lives completely.

So, this email is titled from one of my favorite songs before the mission.  Now i can really relate haha.  This kid talks about how someone stole his car radio and now he just sits in silence...well i didnt get robbed...but i now no longer have my iPod...yayyyyy. So the president's wife and two senior missionaries came to see the door that got punched in and then they started to inspect our house.  They saw my ipod and started to tell me that i cant have it, i just told them that it had music of the church and classical music on it, but then i said "i understand, here its yours" ive just turned into an obedience machine...its good/bad haha.  they apologized and then they started going through my comps stuff and took away a bunch of CDs that he had of the church and ALL of his morman sad haha. we were so upset! he had his ipod hid so they didnt take it away haha.  I just didnt think anything of it, ive got nothing to hide so i just left it out. and NOPE! there has been some horrible problems in the mission lately...i mean horrible.  So they are cracking down on whatever form of temptation to cut down on it all.  The presidents wife looked like she was going to cry as she took away our things haha so edler Huie and i had to make her feel better before she left. Sad now...i just sit in silence.  The mission has really changed over the last 9 months. Sometimes at the end of the day, we sit down and just wonder what we got ourselved into....i was super down this week after a hard lesson and i just asked myself "what did i get myself into??" and the only answer i had was "I love the Lord." and with that, alll the worries left.  Sitting in silence is really horrible tho, thats when the mind just runs, thats why i dont get why they dont want us have reproductors of music.  Lame salsa.

Something cool happened this week. nothing huge, just cool.  for about 30 seconds TJ looked gorgeous!  We had just left a lesson...this woman has a load of troubles...about a month ago her brother was murdered and then about 5 days ago, her mom died. and we had a long rough horribly heavy lesson with her...lots of tears and bad feelings. i did our best to comfort her, gave her a blessing and i walked out...the sun was starting to set and was hitting a hill with a row of houses on top, and i just looked up and saw the light and took a deep breath, stretched my arms for a bit and enjoyed the view...enjoyed life.  I deal with a lot of loss of life and agency every single day here. ruined lives, marriages and families.  So when i can see evidence that there still is a God...i enjoy it. i love it.  Each day, i am reminded that yes, there is a God. And yes, he knows us individually.  I know that he knows you specifically.  God put Elder Huie and I in some weird situations this week just so we could find someone on the street, cross paths with an old inactive member or give some service. It is incredible that god knows our whereabouts at all times.  And he has a plan for each and every single one of us.

Love ya all. Como ustedes ya saben esta es una obra maravillosa lo que tengo ahora para trabajar en la obra del Señor para traer mas almas a nuestro Padre Celestial.  Aveces no entendemos porque tenemos dificultades en esta vida, o porque perdimos un ser querido....aveces pensamos que perdimos mas que ganamos...eso no es cierto. Nuestro Salvador hizo la Expiación por nosotros para que podamos ganar vida eterna....nosotros podemos estar en nuestras familias por todo eternidad.  Dios es el jardinero...nosotros somos las plantas...aveces el nos corta para que crezcamos y llegamos a ser lo que quiere que seamos.  Confíe en el Señor...y vamos a ver lo que podemos lograr por medio de la Fe en Jesucristo, el arrepentimiento y guardando los mandamientos....yo he visto la mano de Dios en mi vida.  y se que El me ama. Siga el Espíritu y estaremos juntos en el ultimo día mano en mano....les amo. La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos días es la iglesia verdadera....les testifico....nos vemos...cuídense mucho!

Elder Westbroek, Benjamin Hyrum

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