Sunday, October 26, 2014

One of Those Kinds of Weeks

¡¿Que tal le fue el día de hoy?!

So the title of this email about says it all. It was a fantastic week to say the least, filled with meetings and conferences, interviews con the President. It was GREAT!!! We learned about working and studying more effectively as usual, in the interviews with the president we just chatted about how i was feeling in the mission and how my family history is coming along.  Its always just great to sit down and have a chat with the President! HE IS AWESOME. 

The main even of this week will either be written in a letter to Dad in a few months or told in about 14 months when i am home.  It was an experience that i now call incredible and a great lesson in my life. But at the time it was...uhh..."not so cool".  I was not robbed or anything, nothing of physical harm.  What i learned this week is that yes, the dream of the stake president here in TJ is absolutely 100 percent real. And, above all, the priesthood of God is NOT male.  It is the power of God to bless his children. Any child of God, male or female, that is worthy, has the power to use the name of Christ to overpower the adversary. end of story. 

Elder Ramirez is doin great! Gets a little lost sometimes in lessons but he is doing so good! He is a goofy kind of kid that always keeps me laughing haha.  He loves music that sounds like a music box, turns out this is more or less common among people here. who knew? ha.  I didn't have time to buy a soccer ball for us this week, but next Monday i think i will do it! It is something necessary haha.  I have found that a great way to contact is by doing a trick real quick with the soccer ball...a big hit here with the kids is when i toss the ball on to my back with my foot and i do some push-ups with the ball back there and then i flick it up again when i stand up haha. the kids just flip out! and then i chat with them and they usually take me introduce us to their parents. Soccer is just a huge part of life down here, so i kind of fit in :)

Good news tho on my living circumstances, i called the mission and told them we shouldn't live here anymore so they came and did another inspection. and called the owner and told him we were changing. This made the owner come all the way up from Veracruz to fix the house! its so sweet! i can actually breath now! and in about 2 or 3 weeks we will get an electric stove! then i will be able to cook for the first time in 5 months!! whooooo! 

Rick it was so good to hear from you Bro! Sounds like life is good and real busy over there in Baltimore! I don't know what your plans will be for the Christmas or December of 2015 but I will be home and really want to come see you, Kira and Wren!  Its crazy to think that not for this Christmas but the next i will be back home... :) Keep up the good work Doc, and the Lord will lead and guide you!  Its too bad that your appointment with the investigator fell through, I hate it when that happens!  And its so good to see Wren walking! she has grown so much! its just incredible!

the talk with Thelma and Claudia went amazingly.  We felt the spirit so so so strong! there was not any contention in between us as taught and answered questions.  Honestly, it was thee most adult talk i have ever had in my life. When the spirit takes over its hard to remember what i say. and well, i don't remember a whole ton.  But WOW, what a great lesson it was and Thelma still continues to read her book of Mormon and goes to church too, i think its all just a due time until she finds the faith to change her decisions.  

Its crazy how attached I've gotten to people here. Like my "parents" Gilberto and Rocio, and even Thelma honestly is like my sister and Concepcion is like my little grandma haha. But the culture here is huge for families as you know.  I really pray that when i return we can institute a little mexican culture into our family and stay united.

Mom please tell Grandma hello for me and Dad tell grandma and grandpa hello also!  I finally got my packages today! Thank you! i havent opened them yet, but thanks :)  i gotta run, i love you all! have a great week!

Elder Westbroek. 

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