Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years. 7.5 months.

HEY!!!! GUESS WHERE I AM? Delicias!!!! After some great experiences this week, my prayers were answered. I am training again here in Delicias! so there is where i will stay for the next 3 months and 1 week. haha. When i arrived here i had 5 months in the mission. When i leave, i will have over a year!!!! WHAT? So awesome!  I am now training an Elder named Elder Ramirez.  He is actually a US citizen, he was born in Texas and lived there for 2 months, then moved to Juarez down here in Mexico where he grew up.  He knows Tommy Stewart! He also lived in Arizona for about 7 months.  So his English is pretty good! He is very humble, which is a huge change from the other elder, Carranza.  We get along really well, and HE LOVES SOCCER! So i am going to go buy a soccer ball on Monday i think, because mine got stolen. So right now i bring 4.5 months here, and i will be here for 7.5 in total, i am so excited to pass through all the holidays here! I have found families here in the church who literally have become my Adoptive parents haha. they are taking good care of me.  They have helped me buy medicine, even food! It is awesome.  The people here have the largest hearts.   

This last week was just awesome.  Working with Elder Huie was fantastic. We did the baptism of Concepcion haha and wow it was a riot honestly.  She is one awesome lady! i will attach some fotos to the email or send them in other.  It was so great to see her family all come together to support her.  We are currently teaching one of her daughters too, but she is in a same sex did express to us that she wants to be baptized and she feels like God is preparing something in her future, she has a HUGE testimony of the Book of this week...If i feel prompted, we will be teaching and having "the talk" with Thelma and Claudia.  I hope all goes well. God has truly guided us throughout our time teaching Concepcion, Claudia and Thelma. So i know he will help us throughout the next step.  You wouldn't believe the problems there are here with this sort of thing, just as in Utah now, the adversary has distorted much of the truths of God.  So, as missionaries, we go around and try to repair the damage.  Many people here too don't believe in that is difficult.  

This week, one of my favorite experiences was giving a blessing to a guy named Gilberto, you could say he is my dad here in Mexico.  He and his wife have been passing through some major difficulties in their jobs and trying to form a family.  He took me and Elder Huie by the side and asked us to give him a blessing of peace and patience.  i love giving blessings because this is the only time that we get to talk in "tu" form.  That is the informal way to talk in Spanish.  And it just flows a lot easier, especially when the spirit guides you in the blessings.  Always a great spirit can be felt during a blessing, baptism or confirmation.  That is when all the missionary work and struggle is worth it! 

Weeks are flying by and sometimes i really just cant remember what went down.  Sometimes i find myself shaking my head at the mission life and i just don't understand...then something more will happen and it all falls in line.  that's the thing.....When you feel like life is falling apart, it is really just falling in line. That hit me so hard this week.  Elder Huie has asked about 15 missionaries lately if they are happy in the mission of Tijuana. None of them has said yes....except for me.  I had to explain to him what my definition of happy was, and how i view myself starting from about 2 years ago. WHAT A CHANGE. How can i not be happy with that? Sometimes missionaries focus on numbers or time or what they have lost in the mission. we all do in the life. LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE GAINED. Ya we lose a lot. but we gain so much more.  Through the spirit you will realize what you have.  I saw the healing power of the spirit this week as me and my companion walked into a room and immediately the pain of a woman stopped. she has kidney stones that are so large she has to get a tube placed and other she was in great pain and couldn't talk or breath, we walked in and....well....her pain left. she was in peace. i also saw this in Mexicali, with Armondo Robles, the man who was ran over and we walked into the room, also his pain vanished.  Through the spirit of the Lord and exact obedience, we will gain health, freedom, confidence and more.  Trust in the lord and search for the guidance of the spirit in all things.  you will gain more than you lose.  

Hey i gotta run! its late!!! love you all! 

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