Monday, June 30, 2014

Tijuana 3

Muy buenas tardes, estoy aquí en Tijuana todavía!

Hey everyone, can I just say that life is good!  I don't know what it is, but i am really starting to settle in to things here in Tijuana. I am finding the joy in the work, and starting to really love these people! The city is still a disaster, but these people are just so humble and ready to hear our messages! Recently, we have been really trying to find new people to teach, and we have prayed so hard for it! and lately, people have literally been chasing us down in the streets to talk to us and invite us to our homes to teach!  We even had a guy come up to us while we were eating tacos this morning on the side of the road and make a meeting with us.  It really is just so cool to put all the trust in the Lord and watch it all unfold.  

This week i got pretty sick! The city is super dirty so people get sick here a lot. Especially Americans.  I got a super bad infection in my throat from breathing in all this stuff here in the air.  I lost my voice for about 3 or 4 days and was super sick.  But, we went out to work anyways.  The Lord heard my prayers and allowed me to talk in a very raspy hushed voice during the lessons.  And after the lessons, it was gone again.  I got a blessing from my companion and really started to get better much faster.  It pays to be with the only true church that has the authority of God ;) But, now I'm back to full voice and almost back to full health! 

This week haha, we had another we come in on Saturday to have the baptism, i step into the chapel and SPLASH SPLASH! uhh oh. yep. the elders that went and filled of the font for us over flowed it and flooded the church.  So it took us about 3 hours to get the church unflooded and somewhat dry....there is a lot of wood work and wooden doors so we are hoping for the best that it didn't get also got into the bishops office. But i think everything is ok now, some what.  We baptized a little girl named Harim.  She is so cute and so intelligent! Her mom is a member, and her step dad is not. we are actually teaching him right now. his name is Pablo and is very interested, he lost 2 of his daughters when they were just babies, so he is very interested in forever families and the plan of salvation. but we got to kick the coffee and the cigarettes.  But he knows its true, you should listen to this guy pray!  Also, last week with Alexis, both of his parents are members, we worked really hard to reactivate his dad so he could baptize his son, we still have a lot of work to do with his mom tho.  Little, by little it will all be great.  

Uh, investigators. we have a ton!  One lady had a super scary experience this week, i wont say when went down, just know Satan works very hard to stop the work, but God works harder and is stronger. always. we have visited her and blessed her home and we feel much better now.  We started teaching a lady who was recently deported, her 18 year old daughter turned her into the immigration services just to get her deported because they were fighting one day...that made me so mad! she is progressing so well, we gave her a blessing to find more strength to deal with all that is happening. i think she will find a great family here in the church.  Each day i really am amazed at all the problems here, and yet, the people put on a smile each day, head to work and make the most of it.  

last week, for p day, we worked in the morning and then headed out to play in the afternoon, we went to a members house, all payed 100 pesos and made some incredible food! Carne asada! and more! i will send some pictures.  Also, to celebrate 6 months of mission life, i burned a tie. it was a really great experience to tell ya the truth. 6 of the craziest, fastest and most memorable months. it was great just watching the tie burn and looking back at it all, and looking forward to all that is ahead of me! 

i love you all. i really do. Family is thee most important thing in this world. Thank you for your prayers and support. Keep praying that i can get a Mexican accent. that is something this Guerro needs. Gracias.

Love, Elder Westbroek

ps. i found Bob Marley in Mexico... :) Every little thing is gonna be alright! 

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