Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 2

Que tal le va?!

This week has been one of the longest weeks of my life haha.  The mission really puts in to perspective just how long our life is here on the Earth.  

Where to begin??  Monday, after running around town trying to find a laundry machine we finally found one with 1 hour left of P day haha.  The nice little lady let us use her washer and eat at her house.  That night we headed over to the zone leader's house because Tuesday morning we would be headed to Tijuana for a conference.  It was so fun to be with about 20 or so other missionaries.  We are all in Mexicali, but spread over miles and miles and miles.  We went to bed early at 8:30, sleeping on the floor with the spiders and cockroaches and what not haha.  

Tuesday, we woke up at 3AM, we had to be at the bus stop at 4:30.  20 missionaries using one bathroom haha that was funny.  We successfully made it out the door and to the bus stop. However the bus didn't come for over an hour.  It is about 2.5 hours typically to TJ, depending on stops, patrols and traffic.  It was great to see Mexico in the light.  When i first was driven to Mexicali two weeks ago, it was at night.  The mountains are pretty cool here, not solid rock, big boulders and crumpled rock basically.  I watched the sun rise over the desert too, that was pretty amazing, a lot different than Utah sunrises.  We got to the chapel in TJ where we took a picture with every missionary in the mission and Bishop Davies.  That was the main event of the conference.  The whole conference was in Spanish obviously so I didn't catch everything haha, but i did catch the part about the importance of temples and Likening the scriptures unto ourselves.  That lesson alone about the scriptures got me through this week.  I met up with my MTC district! it was so so so good to see them all!  They are all struggling just like me haha.  Elder Anderson is still alive too haha.  After the conference our bus driver took us to the TJ Temple! so cool! After that it was the long ride home and back to work. clue. it is all a blur!  But Friday.  Friday was a good day.  We had 2 baptisms this week! It was so great! A couple, Refugio and his wife Amparo, about 50 years old were baptised.  Refugio is an awesome guy, he is missing his left leg due to Gangrene...rough stuff.  And Amparo...sweet lady.  She didn't want to be baptised when i first got here, so we met with them nearly every day and had lessons with them and answered questions and prayed with them.  Well long story short, she was baptised! and i had the honor of baptising here!  That was an adrenaline rush, seriously. 

Saturday back to work.  Sunday, The speakers dropped out so the bishop asked me to speak.  It was a little intense because I still don't know Spanish haha. He asked me to speak on conversion, recent converts and our responsibility as members to help them.  He wanted me to kindly ask the ward to help us out! haha. we struggle here getting ward members to help in lessons, callings and more. But the talk went great! i read some awesome verses in my personal study this week that worked perfectly with the topic, funny how things work out that way.  

Yes my birthday is next week! kinda cool! along with meetings, church and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, we plan on eating a lot of food haha.  We have two lunch appointments set heh heh heh.  So stoked.  The food here is awesome. Intense at times.  Last week i ate a pepper that literally about killed me.  The sister gave me chocolate to try and put the fire out haha.

Uhhh other cool things that happened this week?....almost got hit by 3 buses and a motor cycle, turns out cute dogs have big teeth haha don't worry i still have all my fingers, uhhh yeah i think that is about it!  

Love you all!!!

please tell everyone thank you for the B day wishes, i don't have time to email everyone back! 

Elder Westbroek

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