Monday, June 9, 2014


Que tal le va mi familia?

Todo esta bien aqui en Mexicali.  First off to answer some questions.  The ward, we are in the ward of Bugambilias, we have usually about 100 members that come, we have a list of inactive and less has over 250 names on it, lots of work to do. But the ward is great. 
For conference, they will show all four sessions at our stake down in Benito Juarez, i am so excited for conference!!!

Yes, i am so stoked for Rick and Kira! Johns Hopkins! What a blessing, i think that will be great. I want to see lots of pics of the house when they buy!

The food, it is an adventure. My stomach has had a hard time trying to adjust to it, i was sick last week for about 5 days in a row, so was Elder Martin.  But i am starting to love spicy spicy foods.  The saying for American missionaries around here is "mas chile, mas espanol", so i eat a lot of chilies haha.  the meat is still a big problem, it is either pretty dirty, or mostly artificial.  the artificial meat is the hardest on the body.  to buy meat that is only one type of animal or real meat period is super super expensive. 

Dog problems. Everyone wants the biggest baddest dog they can get. not for show, but for safety. and for some reason missionaries look like bad guys.  on a daily we get chased haha but luckily Elder Martin and I can get up and go when we really need to.  The only bad thing is, with these shoulder bags you cant get them off fast enough to swing when you need to defend yourself.  

The Tijuana trip was for more photos and fingerprints and questions.  I went with lots of other missionaries, from all over the world. really fun. and i saw all of my district from the MTC which was so so so great! i believe i will have to return again in the next couple of weeks.  so dont be worried if i miss again on a Monday haha. 

Elder Martin, wow this kid is rock solid haha.  He is from Guadalajara Mexico, he moved to brazil for his dads work, his dad is in charge of buying the food for restaurants like Cheescake factory, PF Changs and other restaurants. so Elder Martin also speaks Portuguese, and his english is rock solid too. I never realized how bad of an accent i have haha, utah accent that is.  His Spanish is awesome, his accent is a lot different, his pronunciation is so so so much better than most.  That might be because i am used to it and so i know his accent, but yeah it is different.  

Uh the last week, it has been very interesting. Most of this weeks experiences will be in a letter to dad and he will get to tell you all about it :) And the rest of the details will be after the mission ha. Just know we are perfectly healthy and happy. we didn't get robbed or anything. Dad will let you know if he wants to share.  

This week, we have worked really hard, but the people are so hard to get through to sometimes.  People have very very difficult lives here, a lot of torn apart families, split between marriage issues or literally split between the US and Mexico.  This week we were only able to set one date for baptisms, we invited many to come unto Christ but all but one said no. and the one that said yes, said no 7 times before saying yes after the 8th invitation ha. this was enduring to the end for sure haha.  The work goes on, it is frustrating, baptisms dates fall faster than they can get set, we are postponing one of them for next week hopefully, church attendance is always was makes the dates fall.   

Thank you for sending my shoes and backpack! Any more questions about life here in Mexico? oh and you might notice that i bought about 130 dollars of bus tickets to Tijuana...that was bad. i got taken advantage of at the bus station haha, but i will get it all back, so no worries! how much do i have in my person account?

Please tell the guys at the shop i love em and miss em. and tell pablo, turtle and brown to write me a letter haha.  tell the gym hi for me and that i love and miss em too!

the work moves on, love you all!! the church is true, Jesus Christ lives!

Elder Westbroek

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