Monday, June 9, 2014

Another Week

Hey Everyone!

So, once again i cannot believe it. Another week in the books!

This week, honestly, not a whole lot happened. The usual stress, running from appointment to appointment, rides in wheel chairs and so on.  Elder Hilton and I may have crashed a wheel chair right in the road one day hahaha. turns out pot holes and wheel chairs don't go together.    

Uh, to answer some questions....When we were out of water for a few days, I used a filter bottle and we "made water" haha bottle by bottle.  It still tastes kind of weird tho.  I'm not sure whats up but the water here smells so bad.  We still are without air conditioning in the majority of our house, it was supposed to get fixed last week, but they never came by to repair, its still hot.  Back where we sleep, we have one, but we only run it for an hour at a time to save money, so when we wake up, its back to 90 degrees, usually more ha.  

But, more importantly, the work.  We have been super busy, and i love it. I'm working on 6 months and I'm still not fluent, but my Spanish has started to get a TON better.  i have learned more Spanish having an American companion than i thought possible ha.  Its great tho, the days are enjoyable because i am part of all the conversations and i direct every lesson.  It really is so cool!  Milton....Man, its been rough, after the experience with Elder Chapel, Milton hasn't come back to church. not sure what happened there.  We have visited and just been super friendly and relaxed trying to gain back his trust.  But we just cant quite find what he is so scared of....I will let ya know what we find out.  

Remember the investigator who was hit by the car and jumped?? HE IS OUT OF THE HOSPITAL!!! The morning of his previously scheduled baptism, he was walking home from work.  A car came up to him and ran him over, then they got out, hit him in the head with a bat and continued to beat him.  He woke up later in the hospital.  I looked at his x rays yesterday and wow....he has got some work done.  He has metal disks and 4 or 5 very large screws holding his hip and femur together.  The doctors said that from the looks of the hits and all the cuts on his head, they were trying to kill and he is lucky to be here.  Armando really wants to be baptized, more than anything. So we are going to rig up something to help him get to church and also to baptize him next week! after about 3 months of working with this guy it is finally going to happen! its been so cool to watch his progress!

Also, this Wednesday night we will baptize a brother named Fracisco Amador, he is so solid and so ready.  He was kicked out of his house once he told his family he was going to be baptized, luckily this church is like a big family and he was quickly taken in by a member.  Francisco literally has one of the strongest testimonies i have ever heard.  If i didn't know better, i would think he is already a member.  

Nothing too crazy happened this week tho...just enjoying the work honestly.  I have started to finally love it, i have learned this traslado that it is actually possible to work very hard and still enjoy it....the first 3 months of the field was nothing but pain and stress.  When dad asked me over skype the other day if i was actually enjoying this...i started to ask myself that every single day, am i enjoying this? and now, honestly i can answer, "yes i love this work."

The church is true ladies and gents.  any questions.  i am in my last two weeks here in Bugambilias so i will start taking pics of my sector :)  any questions or requests? 

Mission life, good life.

Elder Westbroek

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