Monday, June 9, 2014


Hello Everyone! what a long and very short week it has been! this week has been very eventful! just so you know where i am, i am not in Tijuana! we had exchanges today! Tijuana is so great, not has hot, very busy. this Area is huge!!! My companion is Elder Espino, he is from a little city under Texas, but he lived in Houston and in Canada haha. Pretty legit this Elder.!

So this week, my last week in Mexicali and with elder Hilton. That was honestly really sad and difficult to leave Elder Hilton and Mexicali!  That place really is like home! i have to go back! i have a family back there who literally begging me to come back. one lady told me with lots of tears rolling down her face that she is going to write the prophet and tell him i cant leave Mexicali haha. it was awesome! i have some good pics for you all too!

So this week, i got bit by a dog has i was helping some people push a car, it didn't break skin, but i sure bruised really good! man it was so so so funny!!!

Also, had an interesting experience with casting out a spirit from a house, that was very very interesting, my first time having to do that. i wont go into a whole lot of detail on what went down there.  

The main even tho, We finally baptized Armando!!!! It was incredible!!!! after 3.5 months of working with this man, after he was hit by a car and robbed, we baptized him!  The newly set apart elders quorum president did the baptism. Armando cant walk, so we carried him, The president and i, into the water, it was so scary and slippery, we almost baptized him before we were ready by accident, but i know the lord gave us the strength to carry this man into the waters of baptism. It was literally thee greatest thing i have ever seen.  The look on Armando's face...still in the water he clasped his hands together and said "thank you father, this is happiness!" i was right there, waist deep in the water with the president and Armando, support his leg and hip so we didn't have any problems, it was INCREDIBLE!  As we carried him out of the font he continued to praise god and give thanks.  I visited later that day, as he laid in his bed resting, he took me by the hand and told me "Elder Westbroek, thank you for making my dream come true. I have found happiness." Man, my eyes filled with tears and did his.  I just love this man, he is so solid in his testimony and prayers. He is so blessed to be alive.  The last couple of weeks as i was fasting for the baptism of Armando, he didn't get baptized for a bit, and i thought that god didn't want to baptize him or answer my little my faith! through more action, which is more faith, elder Hilton and i did everything we good, talking to our leaders, calling the president, teaching and teaching and teaching, and wow, after the test of faith, god answered. in thee best way possible. i know he loves us and listens!

Also, we baptized the week past, Francisco, also that was beautiful.  I really am just so happy right now! And now I'm in Tijuana, escaping the skin damage a little bit haha.  

So life is really crazy sometimes, that i have learned here. you don't know what to expect. the only constant in life is change. we all have to come to accept it. in all shapes and forms.  I know that if we put our faith and trust in the lord we have no reason to fear.  Leaving Mexicali was bitter sweet...mostly just bitter. i love that place, but i am stoked to be here in TJ with such great missionaries! i really did settle in quite nicely here, and that's when god helps us unsettle, to keep growing haha.  

Just so ya know, the Spanish is coming in great! its a slow and literally painful process, but i can understand almost all of it and communicate with whoever, it makes the mission a lot more enjoyable and interesting! i have been truly blessed and i know the lord is mindful of me, just as he is of all of you.  

My thoughts are very scattered today with a lot of new thoughts, with now serving in Tijuana, Los Pinos 2, and new companion and leaving my first sector, everything in my head is mixed together. so i will make of list of things to talk about next week!!!  

Any questions? i will take pics of the house here in its sweet! haha i lied. its pretty cool tho ;) oh Mexico. 

I love you all!!!! write me some questions!

love ya all! elder westbroek!!!!!

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