Monday, June 9, 2014

Off to Mexico

Hey Everyone!

After 7 weeks, it is finally time to head to Mexico! Tomorrow morning, 6:30 we are on our way to the airport! Soon after we fly to San Diego, then drive to Tijuana! I am so excited to get out of the MTC and in to the real world.  

The MTC has been an incredible experience, one I will never forget.  I have learned more spanish in 7 weeks than I ever thought possible.  When the spirit is involved in our lives, we are able to learn, recall, comprehend and do so much more. Also the gift of tongues is very real.  The third day I was here, my companion and I taught a 20 minute lesson in spanish. It was so difficult.  We walked in with english and spanish scriptures, 2 different language and grammar books, a scripted dialogue and a notebook with vocabulary...and the lesson was so rough. Slowly we progressed, stopped bringing in the language books, then only spanish scriptures and continued on.  This week, my companion and I walked in to a lesson with only our Spanish scriptures and a diagram I drew of the Plan of Salvation, we taught a 55 minute lesson.  As we said goodbye to the investigator, I felt very blessed. The Lord looks over us all and knows the desires of our hearts. My desires the past 7 weeks have been to learn as much spanish as possible, and learn more about the teachings of Christ. Before I could be blessed, I had to have a trial of my faith.  When Moses lead the people out of Egypt, Moses had enough faith to part the Red Sea with the power of God. However, before they could cross the Red Sea on dry ground, they had to get their feet wet.  This was a trial of their faith.  We all must get our feet wet and show our faith before the way will be made known in which we can get through our trial.  

Tomorrow, will be another trial of faith for me.  I will get a new companion, be sent to a new part of Mexico, eating who knows what, and teaching someone about the gospel.  In a language I am very new to, I will testify that each and every one of us have a personal Savior, who is Jesus Christ.  

I hope all is well in what ever part of the world you may be in currently! Please keep me in your prayers, it would be much appreciated. Love you all!

-Elder Westbroek

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