Monday, June 9, 2014

Faith Before Fear

Buenas Tardes, familia y amigos.

This week, not much happened quite honestly.  It was a week of trials, frustration, STRESS and more stress.  This week we worked so hard trying to get investigators to come to church/General Conference.  No luck.  After many Si's, 4 families committed, 10 individuals, and one family who said they were on their way(not really),  we had a whopping zero investigators in the conference.  That crushed me.  Dates for baptisms have been dropping left and right.  And naturally as missionaries, we look inward.  This week I have struggled like none other, i was so frustrated with myself i couldn't open my mouth Things got a little rough and after conference that night on Saturday i just kind of lost a good way.....i let it all spill out as i testified of the words of Elder Anderson of the 12 to a couple who are less active.  I loved his analogy of the tress in the wind and how they adapt. Their roots grow deeper and their trunks get stronger and more flexible to move with the winds.  Right now i am in a very heavy wind, but i feel like i am a lot stronger that i was almost 4 months ago.  honestly, I'm a completely different person. i know that through faith and trials we become who god knows we can be. be patient in your afflictions and learn to wait upon the lord.  

 the other day i was on splits with an elder from Mexico, he said elder westbroek, Could you have a conversation with a Mexican 4 months ago? haha i laughed and said no elder Fraga, i couldn't. He said, well there is your answer, you are improving!.  this elder is awesome, and all day we talked in Spanish and had some very solid lessons. this was an answer to my prayers.

hey i gotta head out, so sorry this message is so short! we have a lesson that is way far away.

i love you all!
Elder Westbroek

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