Wednesday, August 20, 2014

8 meses. Tan rápido.

Well, what can i say? another week down!

Things are looking up down here in Mexico. Things are getting a lot better with my companion.  We had another grown up talk this week haha.  We were walking to an appointment real far away and he said, 'Elder Westbroek, im grateful we are companions still, you have made me realize that i actually am 24 years old, not 18, and that i have to be more mature to get me ready for the real world.....'  He thanked me over and over haha, he has been with some real young companions lately. And we butted heads for awhile due to that. But life is pretty good now.

Well, best part of the week....WE BAPTIZED ROCÍO! WHOOOHOOO. It made me so happy :) After a long battle with the wonders of this world, Rocío finally made it! Last Saturday she was baptized and then confirmed!  The relief society also helped us out a ton! they did two special musical numbers and gave her a big welcome! it was so great! She chose me to do the baptism, i felt very honored. The best part was, right before we went down into the font, she says 'Elder Westbroek, i am so scared, but i know this is the right thing to do'. in her little Rocío voice haha :) the ordinance went so smooth and beautiful. and Sunday after her confirmation she just started crying and telling me thank you over and over again. Made me feel very happy! the church is so true!  It truly was a blessing we baptized her.

 3 days before the baptism, she decided to test the word of wisdom one last time. she was feeling very very sad and wanted some coffee to cheer her up.  in the baptismal interview she told our district leader this 'I wanted to see if what Elder Westbroek told me was true about my heart and coffee' (i had explained about the extra fatigue and stress coffee could put on the human heart, especially mixed with her current situation, she expressed that she has much strain on her heart with the separation of her daughters), and she told Elder Tall, DL, that indeed it was true and she had felt a difference in her heart. She said she received a spiritual prompting that yes in fact my words were the word of God pertaining to the matter of the world of wisdom, and she would receive a stronger heart due to this commandment.  (something like that, its hard to translate it to English haha).  

Sounds like everyone is very busy with school and work! I am honestly so jealous of all y'alls heading back to school! Megan! send me a pic of your class room! Kait! send me a pic of your new apartment!

i love ya all! hang in there! just remember, AFTER the test of our faith we will be blessed, more that we know!

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