Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I am my companion's last companion

'Hey y'all, not much to report from TJ except a rough week in the work.  We ran into some major walls this week with baptisms, family situations, marriages torn apart, commandments, collective weddings, spiritual and ethical problems too. My heart and head literally hurt after this week.  Also i received the "great news" that i will be with Elder Espino for the next transfer also.  whoo. So, all i can say is life down here is a little tough. "Pesado" or "heavy" as we say here in TJ.  But life moves on somehow and so does the work.  

I basically just spent a lot of time on my knees this week praying for a miracle, and lets just say i am now waiting on the Lord. Its a great thing i have learned to be very patient. 

Rocio is doing great, she has noticed some major changes in her Life thanks to the gospel! whoo, we are not working with her to drop the coffee, you should have seen her face when we talked about it, haha so sad. but she will do it, she overcame smoking and alcoholism so she can do anything!  Her kids got released from the government program and now are living with a friend of Rocio, She talks with them a couple times a week if she is lucky. i expect she will be baptized the 7th of august.

Thank you for all the packages! i was blessed to receive 4 packages all filled with goodies haha, it made my day! thank you for the letters and love. the candy, toys and snacks! honestly, i saved so much money this week with groceries because i have food in the house now haha. so thank you :) also, thanks for the sick superman under armour shirt. a cool pic is coming your way the following week :)  

nothing to report this week, i am doing ok, having a rough go at things right now, but that's life right? :) love ya all!  here is the only beautiful part of TJ!

Elder Westbroek

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